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ready to feel...







as a client & a coach

1. Accountability is key

2. Healthy eating can be fun and easy

3. Food is medicine

4. You don't have to feel tired all the time

5. Everyone is "busy" but excuses won't get you anywhere

6. Health needs to be taken from a holistic approach

Do I experience bloating, gas, constipation?

Am I lacking in energy?

Am I highly stressed?

Do I need someone to help keep me accountable?

Do I need help with healthy cooking basics, meal prep, batch cooking?

Am I ready to learn how to live more holistically? 

Am I ready to change my health? My life?

  • you can't get through your workday without numerous coffees

  • you want to have more energy for your kids, partner and/or friends

  • you want to make healthy eating simple

  • you are short on time but need help to prioritize health

  • you want to feel HAPPY, ENERGIZED, AND HEALTHY




"I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole on several occasions. She created several meal plans for me. The meal plans include a detailed shopping list and some simple and delicious recipes that have become family favourites. I have also attended many cooking workshops with Nicole. I have learned how to make tasty snacks, healthy crockpot meals and easy lunches. During one of these workshops, I learned how to plan weekly menus and prep meals. I have adopted this practise and it has changed my life dramatically.

If you are considering working with Nicole, I would highly recommend you follow through with it. She is highly knowledgeable and enjoys her work. She lives her best life and is a great role model for healthy living. She works in a very professional manner and, yet, manages to be kind, caring and personable. She is very organized and responsible. I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from Nicole."

-Amy S.


follow up

every two weeks we will have a check-in call to review your progress and to also review the themes below

one: nutrition foundations

Learn grocery shopping tips, pantry staples, reading nutrition labels and more!

two: planning & organization

Is your calendar robbing you of energy? Are you making time for meal prep? Is your kitchen cluttered? Learn how to streamline your health!

three: mindset around food

Dig deep into your relationship with food, learn about intuitive eating basics and mindful eating

four: lifestyle habits

What current habits do you have that are holding you back from success and feeling healthy? 

five: emotional, mental, spiritual energy

Energy is more than the physical sensation we feel. During this call, we explore other forms of energy.

  • 1-hour initial consultation

  • individualized wellness protocol (food, supplements, lifestyle)

  • protocol review session

  • five weeks of custom menu plans and grocery lists

  • food and mood journal reviews

  • five 30 minute themed follow up calls

  • unlimited access to the online chat function

  • bi-weekly email check-ins

  • Holistic Wellness Roadmap Ebook ($48 value)

  • Digestive Health Guide, Simply Healthy Cookbook, Boosting Energy Naturally Ebook ($69 value)

  • receive 15% off supplement orders placed through Fullscript

  • Also, receive 20% off personal training with MINDMOVES


  • How does online coaching work? We use a software called Practice Better that allows us to have safe and secure video chats

  • How long is the program? 3 months from the start of the initial consultation

  • Why isn't there a menu plan every week? Menu plans are merely a tool to help get you started. The goal is for you to make your own!

  • When do I schedule follow up calls? Bi-weekly

  • Are they payment plan options? Yes! 

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