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Random Wellness Summit Tickets

$39 $49

Full-day digital wellness event on February 13th 2020

Ticket includes:

  • chance to win the Random Wellness Summit Event Giveaway
  • digital swag bag with discounts and downloads from our amazing partners and sponsors
  • opportunity to listen to our wide range of amazing guests in the nutrition, mindset and spirituality space
  • live cooking demo at lunch
  • other fun activities like meditation, movement and breathwork

Cost: $49.00 +hst 

EARLY-BIRD DEAL (Until November 30th 2020): $39.00 CAD +hst 

Please note: event details will be sent to your email closer to the event. Please purchase your ticket using the email you want to receive updates from. 


  • Lauren Naderi - Holistic Nutritionist
  • Martina Biljan - Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Holistic Nutritionist
  • Avery Hall - Movement Coach
  • Brooklyn Vienneau - Transformation Coach
  • Jackie Serviss - Talent Scout
  • Katelyn Landry - Forager and Artistic Director
  • Olivia Heine - Declutter Life Coach
  • Jenn Mansell - Breathwork Facilitator 
  • Lisa Simmons - Human Design
  • Brooke Hohenadel - Sleep Consultant
  • Emma Jack - Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist

Thank you to our Sponsors:

  • Cafezia
  • Maker Bars
  • The New New Age
  • Revive As Wellness
  • Purdy Natural
  • Roots of Mindfulness
  • Genuine Health
  • and more to come

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