Why I love all things peppermint

As someone who has experienced IBS for most of their lives as well as muscle tension and headaches, peppermint as been a serious live saver!

I wanted to share some of the reasons why I love peppermint for those of you who may not be as familiar with it!

  • Peppermint tea to decrease gas and bloating

  • Fresh mint in water for a refreshing treat in the summer...or in a mojito ;)

  • In essential oil form in a diffuser to make your room smell fresh and help me focus

  • In essential oil form in a roller bottle to rub on temples for headaches (keep away from eyes!) and on sore muscles. You can also rub it on your stomach when you aren't feeling well

  • I love it in desserts because it reminds be of Christmas LOL

  • in personal care products and soaps for an invigorating sensation!

In good health,


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