Water Challenge to Support Digestion, Energy and Healthy Skin

It is so easy to forget to drink water during the day and when it starts to get hotter outside, we tend to sweat more and need more water.

This week I challenge you to increase your water intake to at least 3L

How are we going to do this? Follow the tips below:

-Invest in a large 1L water bottle that you have to fill up three times a day

-set a schedule/goals (drink 1L before noon, 1L before 4:30, 1L before bedtime)

-set an alarm if you need you will need to be reminded

-add more lemon, lime or cucumber to make it more tasty

Day 1: 1 L or more if you already drink this much (same goes for the rest of the week)

Day 2: 1.5L

Day 3: 1.75 L

Day 4: 2 L

Day 5: 2.5 L

Day 6: 2.75 L

Day 7: 3 L

Download my January Reset Guide to learn more about drinking water and decreasing coffee intake here!

Good luck!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #simplynicnutrition and #3Lwaterchallenge so I can follow along on instagram and facebook!

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