Waste-Free Challenge

If you have ever looked up the stats about food waste in Canada you would be SHOCKED! Plus the amount of other waste produced from plastic bags, wrapping, and packaging is not ideal.

This week I challenge you to go waste-free in the kitchen. This means:

-no plastic grocery bags

-no plastic produce bags



-no packaged goods that can't be recycled which means more cooking from scratch (great motivation to eat healthy!)

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How do you do this?

I know it may sound overwhelming but here are some tips:

-replace plastic grocery bags with reusable. Many clothing stores use them now and that is what I use for grocery. You can also check out my shop for cute reusable bag options!

-replace produce bags with reusable produce bags or no bags at all! I use these ones here!

-keep a compost container under your sink

-simply recycle and look for food in cardboard boxes for example

-find recipes that are alternatives to packaged foods you typically buy

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