The Pill Series Part 1: Birth Control 101

Welcome to The Pill Series where I will be sharing tidbits of information about the birth control pill, how it can impact your gut, thyroid and mood and also what you may experience coming off the pill.

Now, before I get any further, I want to make it clear that I am not shaming ANYONE who decides to take the pill. I am sharing this information so that individuals can make informed decisions about their own health, and perhaps help shed some light on individuals who may be experiencing some of the negative side effects but weren’t sure why or what to do to support their bodies on and off the pill.

To start it off simple, I am going to give some high level information on what it is, why women go on it, and some of the high level side effects that women may experience.

Of course, the birth control pill or “the pill” was originally created to prevent pregnancy but many women, from a young age, have been put on it to manage things like acne and cramps.

Unfortunately, instead of getting to the root issues of the severe cramping and acne, the pill just masks these issues.

High level, the pill is taken daily and delivers synthetic estrogen and synthetic progesterone throughout the month to prevents ovulation which is the time your ovaries release an egg each month.

Why do women go on it?

As mentioned before, many women go on it to prevent pregnancy but many also go on from painful and heavy periods and skin conditions.

Like myself, many young girls are put on it before they are even sexually active in order to deal with painful periods. Then they end up staying on it for MANY years.

Yes, the pill is quite effective in preventing pregnancy when taken properly and has helped many young and adult women manage their acne and painful periods, but, for many, it can lead to more issues, such as:

-increased risk of estrogen related cancers

-headaches and migraines

-changes in mood

-digestive issues

-nutrient deficiencies

-and many more which I will cover in future posts

On the pill, recently came off or have been off for awhile and need support? Email

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