The importance of being flexible

Anyone else here overwhelmed by all the nutrition information. fitness and wellness accounts online preaching different things and seeing restrictive diets on our feeds?

I am a nutritionist so of course I am promote healthy eating, movement, mindfulness and so on, but I am also someone who believes that is it VITAL that be practice balance and moderation.

In my one blog post I talk about creating healthy habits because, again, supporting your health is key for energy, longevity, mental health and physical health BUT there is a time and place for everything. When you start to notice that you are obsessing over eating perfectly or working out hard all the time, it may be time to revaluate your WHY which I mentioned in my Creating Healthy Habits blog post.

The idea of balance and flexibility is going to look different for everyone but here are some ways that it may look for you:

  • not working out every day

  • creating a variety in your workouts to include more gentle movement

  • giving your body a break when it feels run down, achy or sore. If this means taking a break from workouts for a week then that is ok!

  • eating healthy for the most part but also enjoying your favourite foods without guilt

  • not calling an "unhealthy" meal a "cheat meal". You shouldn't see it as a negative thing but as a meal that you are enjoy and is a part of a healthy lifestyle

  • eating when you are hungry and honouring that hunger signal

Who is ready to practice BALANCE and not RESTRICTION?!!

In good health,


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