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Updated: Feb 8

I'm excited to announce the Digestive Health Guide and Menu Plans Ebook is finally here!

I personally know what it's like to suffer from a range of digestive issues from IBS to leaky gut and food sensitivities. It can be extremely frustrating when you are experiencing these symptoms but are getting no relief and no help from your doctor. This can result in physical discomfort but also keep you back from going out in social settings, not enjoying food, not being as productive at work and overall feeling down and sluggish.

For some, it comes down to diet and lifestyle habits which I address in this ebook!

Some of the main things covered in this ebook are:


-leaky gut



-foods to love and avoid

-lifestyle factors

-and so much more!

It also includes a few recipes made my yours truly which support digestive health and are exclusive to this ebook.

Plus this resource includes THREE full menu plans with full recipes, prep guides and an itemized grocery list. The following menu plans you get are:

-leaky gut menu plan

-candida menu plan

-and a low FODMAP menu plan

This resource is for people who are experiencing:


-bloating and cramping


-poor gut bacteria

-mild diarrhea


And for people who:

-are ready to improve their habits

-want new and delicious recipes

-want ready made for you menu plans and grocery lists

-are ready for CHANGE and to feel like themselves again

Even if digestion is not your main health concern, there is still so much you can learn from this ebook and the recipes are great for anyone looking to eat healthier!

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Get your copy!

In good health,


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