Surviving with Food Intolerances during the Holiday

If you are someone who suffers from food sensitivities, allergies or likes to eat healthy, the holidays can be quite challenging. Trust me, this is something that I personally deal with for every holiday and family gathering. Here are some tips and tricks I have learned overtime to make the holidays a bit more enjoyable:

1. Be honest: People aren't going to know what you can and cannot eat if you don't tell them. You can always preface it with "I don't expect you to accommodate me" but often times the host will. Even setting aside some potatoes without cream, or some veggies without butter is a simple solution.

2. Eat before: there isn't much more to this other than be prepared for the worst! There is nothing worse than going hungry.

3. Volunteer to bring a dish: that way you know whats in it!

4. Enjoy yourself: If your someone who will still indulge in the odd thing that might make them a little bloated, then don't feel guilty about doing so if its truly something you feel comfortable with doing!

5. Be patient: many people will question the way you eat whether it's from food sensitivities, personal beliefs, and health and wellness goals. Take time to explain to them why you are eating a certain way so they are educated on the subject.

xo Nic

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