Supporting Your Immune Health

A lot of people are worried right now about supporting their immune system and rightfully so. Below are a variety of recommendations that include foods, supplements and lifestyle tips. I recognize that not everyone has access to certain supplements due to cost and availability especially as many are on backorder BUT that is why I also shared some food and lifestyle tips are more accessible to the wider population.


  • berries (frozen are good too!)

  • garlic

  • ginger

  • anti-inflammatory foods and herbs like turmeric

  • citrus

  • fermented foods

  • broccoli

  • spinach and leafy greens

  • healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado

  • quality sources of protein

  • decrease refined sugars and refined carbohydrates


  • vitamin C

  • vitamin D

  • probiotic

  • zinc

  • astralagus

  • reishi

  • echinacea


  • One thing you can do is sleep. Sleep is SOO important for immune health so make sure you get your recommended 8 hours a night. Practice sleep hygiene by keeping your bedroom cool, dark and free of distractions and noises.

  • Move your body. High intensity training can sometimes be taxing on your immune health so opt for things like walking (keeping a safe distance from people), yoga, resistant band exercises, weight-bearing exercises and so on. Don't feel guilty for also taking days off. And although your local gym, studio or crossfit may be closed, many of fitness related accounts are offering free classes on facebook and instagram

  • Manage your stress. Stress and immune health is KEY. Focus on finding ways to manage your stress in order to better support your immune system. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day in the form of meditation or just being more present, is a great start. Some other ways that may help you manage stress are reading, using social media less, getting organized, listening to music, taking a bath, an so on.


You can see that your immune health needs to be taken from a holistic meaning that it's not just about the foods you eat but also the lifestyle factors. It's also important to support your other body systems such as your endocrine (hormones!) and your digestive system. The majority of your immune system is actually in your gastrointestinal tract so the health of your digestion is closely linked to your immune health. Be sure to support it by chewing your food well, eating a diet rich in fiber, drinking lots of water, and avoiding processed foods and sugars.

It's also important to note that if you are ill you may need to seek the advice of a medical professional and see out options that aren't necessarily natural and that is OK! Always make sure that you are making the best decision for YOUR health and wellbeing.

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