Supplementation 101

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I get asked about supplements ALL THE TIME. This is actually a good thing, because it shows that people are interested in learning more and improving their health.

Since I don't know you personally and all of your health needs and history, I can't tell you what supplements to take at this moment. I thought I would share what I take (at this particular moment in time) since many people ask and perhaps it will make you do some research and think about taking your health to that next level.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

Are you eating a diet high in whole foods? Fruits, vegetables, etc.? If yes, then you are probably doing fine and may not need many or any supplements. But...

If you answered yes, and still find you have issues with digestion, skin, energy, etc., then perhaps there is a gap in your diet that needs support with supplements short or long-term.

If you think that is the case then reach out to a health care practitioner to see which ones you should be taking. This is highly individual so its important to get advice from a professional before spending money on random ones from a health food store that you may not actually need!

I also caution taking a multivitamin for a few of reasons. Not all brands are created equally, some vitamins, when taken together, counteract each other and you may need a higher dosage of a certain vitamin in the formula. Multivitamins should not be used as a blanket solution and if you think you need support, start with your diet and then consider taking specific supplements.

My Supplement Regime:

1. Digestive enzyme: to help digest those extra heavy meals or when my digestive system is a bit off

2. Probiotic: to support my microbiome

3. L-glutamine: to support digestive health

4. Biotin: to strengthen my hair after going off the pill

5. B-Complex: for many reasons and this differs from person to person.

6. Vitamin C: for immune support all year round. Many people only take it when they feel a cold coming on but it's important to remember that we have an immune system that is trying to keep us healthy all year round. As someone who has cancer, its important that I do whatever I can to support my immune system.

7. Vitamin D3: most of us are likely lacking since we aren't outdoors enough and getting it fro the sun. We can get it from some food sources but the sun is the best.

8. Magnesium Bis-glycinate: for muscle and digestive support. I also increase my dose leading up to my period and on the first day to decrease intensity of cramps

9. Ginger: for menstrual cramps

It's important to note that I don't take all of these all the time. For example, the ginger is just for when I get cramps, the digestive enzyme for heavy meals, and I decrease the amount of vitamin D3 I take in the summer when I am outside more.

Just because I take these, doesn't mean you need to. I also change supplements as my needs change, so in one month I may or may not be taking certain ones. You personally, may need none of these, some of these, or literally no supplements at all. Don't just go buying supplements because you favourite fitness model or health account on instagram does. Get help from a professional to determine what your needs are!

Many of these nutrients can be found in foods also. Supplements are meant to replace but ENHANCE your diet!

In good health,


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