Staying Sun Safe Naturally

If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I promote getting outdoors and getting vitamin D from the sun when we can. With that being said, it's important to stay sun safe, and look for products that don't increase our toxic load.

Many sunscreens and related products contain harmful chemicals. Although, we don't want to get brunt and increase of risk of skin cancer, we should look at little more critically at the products we are using on our skin that get absorbed into our bloodstream.

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Again, I am all for getting outside and getting some natural vitamin D but its important that we aren't spending endless hours out in the sun. Consider simple things like taking breaks in the shade and wearing a large sun hat or a wrap covering your shoulders when sitting outside.

Some foods we eat actually provide natural protection against UV rays. Now, I am not suggesting that this is the only preventative step you take to avoid getting burnt, but it can play a role. These are foods that are high in carotenoids, vitamin c, vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Now for the actual sunscreen. It's still extremely important that you wear sunscreen. I recommend you look at the Environmental Working Group to see what sunscreens may be good for you and your family here or take a look at Dr. Axe's recommendations here. Remember, that reapplication, particularly with more natural sunscreens, is key!

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