Holistic Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

Creatures of Habit 

Whether it is a business trip or a vacation, you want to feel your best. This can be hard when you are trying new foods, stuck in an airplane for hours on end and are dealing with a time difference. 

We are creatures of habit and our body's internal clocks know when things are out of wack. Many people, despite how comfy or clean a place might be, find they can't sleep well or go to the loo. Its important to understand that you cannot control everything when you are travelling but to also know there are things you can do ahead of time to travel with more ease.

Tummy Trouble

Let's talk about poop or the lack of.  Being off schedule, being in a plane/airport and breathing in recycled air, or eating some questionable foods can really impact your digestive system. Be prepared with the right snacks, make sure you find time to move and stretch and drink LOTS of water. Also, be sure to know where your foods comes from and that it is cooked and washed properly.

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Staying on Track 

When people are stressed while travelling they are more prone to making poor choices when it comes to their diet. I fully support the idea of 'everything in moderation' especially if you are on vacation. However, don't let these mishaps throw you off completely or make you feel sick, especially if you are someone who already experiences certain health issues. Make sure you take the time to do some research about where you are going and put a lot of effort into packing the proper snacks.


The "Healthy Travels" guide on the Resource page and this post were inspired by my personal travelling experiences. Being someone with digestive issues, the thought of travelling was very daunting. When everyone was planning on what cute outfits to bring I was trying to find extra space for tummy friendly snacks. After learning the hard way I finally feel confident about travelling to new places. I have still gotten sick but sometimes these things are out of your hands. It is really important that you don't let the planning or trying to eat perfectly consume your trip and take away from your experience. However, being a little prepared can ensure you are feeling your best to ensure you are getting the most out of your trip!

Remember: Come prepared, move around, drink lots of water, and enjoy yourself! 

Happy travels, 


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