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The holidays are fast approaching, which may mean you are indulging a bit more than what your body is use to. Before I get into how to recoup after a holiday shindig I think its important to remind people not to stress too much about eating perfectly over the holiday season. It is a time of celebration, spending time with family and friends and cozying up and treating yourself to food you don't have throughout the year. Indulge in moderation and truly enjoy that special treat (or treats)! 

Now you may also find that the holiday party rush starts to take toll of your body but you don't want to compromise on all the fun and good stuff right?! Below are some tips and strategies to help you feel your best after a night out.


Well for starters, stick to having everything in moderation. But, if you find yourself having a few too many holiday cookies, glasses of wine, or servings of turkey, there are ways you can treat your body to get back to your normal self. This also goes for over committing. The holidays can cause a lot of added stress on people so only commit to parties and events that you truly have time for and bring you joy.


Most importantly - stay hydrated! Alcohol, holiday dinners and desserts can all be dehydrating. The distraction of the holidays may also cause you to forget to drink your usual amount of water in a day. If you find you need an electrolyte boost, try having some coconut water instead of sugary sports drinks. Coconut water is an acquired taste so if you aren't a fan, then try putting some in a green smoothie. On that note - a smoothie wouldn't hurt ya...


If your stomach can handle it, eat a filling yet light breakfast. Try having some fresh foods that are free from refined sugars, avoid processed grains like breads, and don't overeat after a night of indulging. This also goes for the rest of your day. You don't want to overburden your digestive system more than you already have. Stick to the good stuff. 


Rest. I just gave you an excuse to sleep in. Need I say more? Late nights will start to take a toll on your health so be sure to get your minimum eight hours of sleep. Sleep is also important for stress and our immune systems which seem to take a hit during the holidays.


Get fresh air. I may have let you sleep in but once you're up, get outside and move your body. Boost those endorphins, breath in some fresh air and get your circulation pumping. A workout out or some yoga may also do you some good.


Reflect. Think about the great friends or family, or even new people, you got to spend time with and what truly matters during the holidays. 

What Might Your Day Look Like?

Upon Rising:

Start by drinking lots of water 500mL - 1 L

...and a herbal tea like peppermint! 



Green smoothie with healthy proteins and fats or juice and chia pudding

Get outside and/or exercise 


Fresh fruit or veggies with hummus


Big salad with legumes, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit or veggies


Salmon or tofu with baked veggies and quinoa 


Reflect and rest

Happy Holidays,

xo nic

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