Bone and Joint Health

Bone and joint health is important to consider starting a young age. For starters its important for the proper development in children but as we age our bones and joints start to deteriorate. Even as young adults, we start to put a lot of wear and tear on our bones and joints especially through stress, poor diet, poor posture, exercise and work.

oints 101 Joints connect bones and help our body move. Joint pain can stem from poor posture, grinding/clenching our jar, impact on our knees, hips, back, feet and ankles, and use of our hands, finger and wrists (as I roll my wrists while typing this).

Pain and joint deterioration can again stem from poor posture and frequent impact but also ageing and arthritis.

There are a lot of lifestyle and personal care changes you can make but you can also make changes to your diet to support joint health. This includes eating anti-inflammatory foods like salmon, having adequate protein, particularly in the form of collagen, and making sure you are getting enough glucosamine calcium and vitamin D.

Bones 101 Bones support our body. Bone pain can stem from aging, medication, and poor nutrition. For example, low levels of vitamin D are common individuals with osteoporosis.

Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K are just some of the nutrients you need for strong and healthy bones. Where do you find these nutrients? Calcium isn't just found in dairy but in spinach, almonds, sesame seeds, tofu collard greens, kale, mustard greens, broccoli and more! Vitamin D is in salmon, eggs and of course sunlight whereas vitamin K can be found in leafy greens and brussel sprouts. Magnesium can be found quinoa, almonds, cashews and many more foods!

When we don't take care of our bones we increase our chances of osteoporosis, especially for women who are going through menopause. To support bone health exercise regularly and safely, and eat nutritionally dense food. In good health,


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