Seaweed and Algae for Dinner?

It might sound a bit weird, but different types of seaweeds and algae can actually be part of a healthy lifestyle and diet. It is an acquired taste but if you like sushi then we are off to a good start. Nori, the black seaweed in your sushi is actually quite delicious and you can buy it in the grocery store. Save some money and make your own sushi!

What are the different types?

  • Wakame

  • Nori

  • Kelp

  • Arame

  • Kombu

  • Spirulina

  • Chlorella

What are the benefits?

There are a lot of similar health benefits across the different type but let me break it down for you:

  • Wakame - support weight loss, hormones, diabetes, bones, and blood pressure. Wakame is high in manganese, folate, sodium and magnesium!

  • Nori - source of B vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids

  • Arame - anti-inflammatory, supports hormones and skin, hair and nail health.

  • Kelp - diabetes and weight management, anti-inflammatory, bone health. Contains vitamin K, folate, and magnesium!

  • Kombu - supports thyroid health, people with digestive issues, arthritis and thyroid issues.

  • Spirulina - supportive of people with cancer, candida, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low energy and detoxes heavy metals!

  • Chlorella - supports immunity and heavy metal detoxification

Where can I find them? Nori can be found in many grocery stores, typically in the international foods section. Spirulina, kelp, wakame and others are sometimes in the health food section but you will likely have to go to a health food store or order them online from places like

How do I use them? There are many ways you can incorporate them into your diet. Nori is of course used for sushi so make your own or use the outside to make your own wraps. You can also buy "seaweed" snacks and get them raw or add them to grain bowls. Then there is arame which needs to be softened in water first but it also great in grain bowls, wraps, and soups. Wakame is great in salads and stir frys! Kelp looks like a noodle and makes a great cold salad or stir fry.

I'm going to be honest, spirulina tastes like dirt BUT it can be incorporated into and smoothies, as can chlorella. In good health,


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