What You Need to Know About Adaptogens

Adaptogens seem to be one of the hot topics of 2018 so I thought I would shed some light on this somewhat mysterious and confusing topic. Many people only know of one type of adaptogen but they can include various herbs, spices and mushrooms. Together they are known has a group of plants that promote healing and balance to the body. Although all of them have been around for years, medicinal mushrooms seem to be grabbing the spotlight lately. The research on them isn't as solid but they are said to help with stress, energy, digestive issues, immunity and inflammation.

Who Adaptogens are generally safe for most people but you should consult with your health care practitioner before taking them and do your own research! Why Stress





What Medicinal Mushrooms:

Reishi: mainly known for supporting the immune system

Chaga: Great for anxiety and stress and immunity

Cordyceps: immunity, liver, kidney function

Lions Mane: memory and cognitive function

Herbs, Spices, Other:

Turmeric: stress, inflammation, immunity

Ashwaganda: nervous system and immune health

Moringa: Digestion, inflammation, energy and immunityHoly basil: stress, energy, immunity, blood sugar levels Ginseng: stress, blood sugar imbalances, mental alertness

Schisandra: Suma: energy and immunity

Rhondiola: anxiety, stress, energy

Maca: hormonal, stress, stamina Plus there are so many more!! How One of the best ways to use to adaptogens is in warm drinks. Many come in powdered form or need to be steeped so teas, coffees and lattes are a good way to get them in. If you want to learn how to make your own and get some exclusive recipes then you may like my super affordable Warm Remedies eBook. Another way you can have them is blended into smoothies! All you have to do is take your regular smoothie recipe and add the adaptogens you want to use.

Where Many herbs and spices can be found at the grocery store, bulk food store or health stores. More unique items like Maca, holy basil, medicinal mushrooms, etc., may need to be ordered online from places like Pure Feast, Well.ca or iHerb or you can check your local health food store. In good health,

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