Personal Care in the Summer

In many ways we take better care of ourselves in the summer. We start to eat lighter and in season foods, exercise and get outdoors, make time to relax on the weekends, perhaps go on a vacation, and visit with loved ones. However, there are a lot of unhealthy things that can come along with summer like unhealthy BBQ foods, overexposure to the sun, "relaxing" but not stepping away from our devices, exercising but only when we "have time", and stretching ourselves thin by trying to make it to every gathering in the 3 short months we have nice weather. Be sure to take care of yourself and truly embrace the season while its here!

01 GET SOME VITAMIN D Be sun safe but get some vitamin D.

02 GO TO THE BEACH Go to your typical beach or go for a drive to somewhere else. Feel your feet in the sand, go for a swim and enjoy a picnic lunch.

03 LAY IN THE GRASS I know this may seem silly but walking barefoot, sitting or laying in the grass is a great way to feel more grounded and connect with nature.

04 EAT FRESH FRUIT There are lots of local fruits and even veggies that are available this time of the year. With the heat, we may also feel like eating lighter and eating fresh, local fruit is a great way to do this.

05 HAVE A SUMMER PARTY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Get your friends and/or family together and have an outdoor party. 06 GO FOR A PICNIC Whether its during lunch or on a weekend, pack a picnic, and go somewhere to have lunch outdoors.

07 GO TO A FARMER'S MARKET Take a trip to your local farmer's market and stock up for the week.

08 TRY A NEW RECIPE Using your new local fruits or veggies, try a new recipe.

09 CLEAN OUT YOUR FIRDGE Make room for your local goodies. Get rid of any old and unhealthy food and start fresh for the summer.

10 VISIT A NEW TOWN OR CITY Go on a road trip, short or long, and visit a new town or city. Did you like these tips? Check out some of my other blog posts below:Personal Care in the WinterPersonal Care in the SpringBoost Energy Naturally

In good health,

xo nic​

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