Healthy Cooking Basics

If you are new to healthy eating, then the whole idea of cooking new foods and dished might be overwhelming. I remember when I first started changing my way of eating, I had to do a lot of my own research and did a lot of trial and error. However, experimenting will be part of the process regardless in order for you to get more comfortable in the kitchen. Below are some key points to consider when trying to cook healthy!


Get your kitchen in gear. Be sure you have the tools in place to get you started. A blender is key and a food processor is always a nice added bonus!


Stock up up spices and herbs. Healthy dished use a lot of them so make sure you are stocked up. It might be a big cost at first but consider buying your own glass spice container and refilling them yourself.

03 Select the right oils. Most people don't realize that olive oil is not ideal for high cooking temperatures. Opt for coconut oil, ghee or avocado oil when frying things at high temperatures. However, olive oil is still a staple to have on hand.

04 No more processed additives. Switch your salt to sea salt or Himalayan salt and your white sugar to coconut sugar, pure maple syrup or honey. These options have a higher nutrient content.


Stock up on canned goods. Black beans, lentils, chickpeas, tomato paste, tomato sauce, coconut milk, etc., are good options to have on hand and are used in a lot of healthy recipes.


There aren't a lot of healthy foods that come in boxes but stock up on the good stuff like healthy crackers, pastas and soup stock.

07 Sautéing 101. Instead of boiling your veggies, try sautéing them in ghee and sea salt for a rich buttery flavour. Steaming and sautéing keeps in more of the nutrients opposed to boiling.

08 Roasting 101. Take it up another notch by roasting your veggies. If you thought sautéed brussel sprouts were better than their boiled counterpart, just wait until you have them roasted. Roast a bunch of veggies at the beginning of the week for quick lunches and sides.


Be sure to soak your raw grains, nuts and seeds in water overnight to make them easier to digest.


Batch cook snacks like muffins, energy balls, granola bars, etc. That way you can freeze them and eat them over the next few weeks.


Menu plan and meal prep to save time, money and stress.


Your crockpot/slow cooker is key. Make freezer bag crockpot recipes ahead of time so that you can be worry free for WEEKS in advance.

13 Smoothies and juices - what are they and what are they so green? These are a staple in a healthy diet. Juices are primarily made of vegetable hence the green colour and adding greens to your smoothie is a great way to make sure you are getting enough in your diet. Don't worry - you can't taste them.


Make simple healthy swaps. Check out my Eat this Not That blog post


Raw foods are not as scary as they sound. Shredding up some veggies, having smoothie and salads is a great way to change things up.

16 A spirali-what? If you haven't heard of a spiralizer then look it up. They are a great tool that an be used on multiple veggies to turn them into noodles. Use them as a pasta substitute or just to change up the texture of your veggies!


A lot of healthy sauce recipes will call for things like olive oil, lemons, and apple cider vinegar so stock up.

18 Fermented foods? For real? Yes! They are delicious and can be easily incorporated into your diet.


Superfoods real talk. Don't listen to the "superfoods" mumbo jumbo. However, some "superfoods" do actually have great benefits. Don't be scared to try them out.

20 If you like to bake them make sure you stock up on healthy baking staples like a wide variety of gluten and grain-free flours, arrowroots starch, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, dairy-free milk and chocolate chips, and chia seeds. In good health,


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