My Meal Prep Process

If you are intimidated or overwhelmed by the thought of meal prep - you are not alone! It can be daunting when you see people on instagram with perfect looking meals ready to go for the week. However, you don't have to prep every single lunch or dinner for the week. If you are looking to meal prep to save time and/or eat healthier then check out my tips below. Even just washing, cutting and storing fruits and veggies can be a huge time saver during the week, encourage you to grab healthier options, and reduce food waste - win, win, win!

There are also certain foods which lend themselves to meal prep. For example, mason jar salads, energy balls, overnight oats, chia pudding, and grains. Check out my process below and let me know how you meal prep! 


Gather the recipes that I want to make for the week (cookbooks, blogs, pinterest) 


Plan out how that will look for the week using a menu plan template or creating a list


Make sure I have all the ingredients. Groceries if necessary.


Preheat the oven and fill a couple pots of water and start boiling.


Begin to wash, peel, and cut all the produce for the week. Keep out produce that is needed for juice, smoothies and jar salads and store the rest.


When the oven is ready I put in some sweet potato and other veggies for roasting. When the water is boiling I make a couple grains or pasta. 


While things are cooking I rinse some legumes like chickpeas, lentils and black beans. I always rinse extract chickpeas for hummus.


Make hummus and clean food processor immediately. Store hummus in a glass container in the fridge. Make a double batch if you are cooking for more than one!


Make protein/energy/oat balls. Check out my Oat Bite recipes here or my Energy Ball recipes here.


Once grains and roasted veggies are ready, let cool and divide and store in glass containers.


Assemble up to 3 mason jar salads, make a couple juices and smoothies.


Make extras for the week such as chia pudding, trail mix, pasta sauce, salad dressings and jello. 


Clean up and store food


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