4 Tips to Stay Healthy When Eating Out

First off, I am all about enjoying things in moderation if it will not impact your health in a negative way. Sometimes it's nice to go out for dinner and not think about how that glass of wine or chocolate dessert is going to impact your health goals. With that being said, when you are trying to eat healthy, whether it’s for weight loss, food sensitivities, or overall wellness, it can be hard when you're invited to a friend’s/family’s place for dinner or out to a restaurant.

Now, hopefully you have friends and family that are supportive of your health goals and give you options, but it seems to be a bit more intimidating when you are out at a restaurant and all this good food is in your face and the aroma in the air.

This is something I deal with regularly and it can be quite frustrating. Mind you, my friends and family are pretty good at knowing where I can and cannot eat but for those other occasions, generally with a larger group, things can get a bit dicey. So below are some tips I recommend you try if you are experiencing the same issues.


My first tip is to make sure that, for whatever reason you're trying to eat healthy, do not let these lifestyle choices keep you back from socializing. It may seem to be intimidating, frustrating and not worth it at times but there are ways to make it easier on yourself.


Second, ask where you will be eating and see if the restaurant has a website. If they do, they generally have a menu posted somewhere. See what options they have and perhaps what meals can be substituted. If you are not very sure, don’t hesitate calling them and explaining to them your situation - especially if it's because of an allergy! Or once you get there, ask them what options there are for your particular concerns. From my experience, restaurants are starting to become a lot more accommodating, especially when you go to a restaurant that makes things fresh and has the option of leaving certain things out.


You find out that you're in luck and there are a few options at the restaurant so what should you choose? Well there is usually a salad option where you can add protein, so that is usually a good option. Just be mindful of what sauce they use but most have a balsamic dressing which is pretty safe. If you eat meat, then stick to a meat based meal and be picky and choosy with the sides by avoiding french fries and other fried foods. Opt for a side salad, roasted veggies and avoid the free bread - I know its hard!


If you are really worried then eat before. I generally eat before I go out for dinners where I am not sure what my options will be. And if I can eat something there I usually just go for something small or go for second meal if I am hungry enough!

In good health,


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