What a Nutritionist Eats in a Day

There seems to be a bit of fascination about what nutritionists eat in a day. For the most part I eat a well balanced diet with a variety of healthy and whole foods. But the reason I am actually writing a post on this is to show you that I am still a human and sometimes that ideal diet you may see from nutritionists on social media, are not always the case. I eat leftovers almost daily, sometimes my lunch is a combination of various healthy snacks, sometimes dinner is pasta because I didn’t meal prep, or I have late night dark chocolate for no reason other than to eat it out of enjoyment.


In the morning I start with drinking at least 500ml of water. I then have breakfast and typically eat oats with sunflower seed butter, hemp seeds, cinnamon and coconut milk. I also like chia seed pudding, smoothies with avocado and protein powder, avocado toast and before I knew I was sensitive to eggs, I would have eggs with my avocado toast, egg banana pancakes or egg and veggie scrambles.


For snacks I like to have apple slices with nut/seed butter, bananas, energy balls, homemade granola bars, smoothies or veggies and hummus


For lunch I usually have leftovers – not glamorous but definitely a staple for me. If I make something fresh then its usually avocado toast or chickpea pasta and if its a packed lunch then its usually a big smoothie, a jar salad or packed leftovers…


For dinner, I like to have fish and veggies, quinoa chilli, loaded sweet potatoes, veggie and grain bowls with plant-based proteins. Below is a glimpse at what my meals typically look like.


In the evening sometimes I like to have chocolate dipped in nut/seed butter, veggie chips or coconut ice cream. Not because I am necessarily hungry but sometimes I just like to treat myself!

In good health,

xo nic

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