Staying Healthy at Work Part 2: Working from Home

Its interesting to see how our workplace place has changed over recent years. It seems like more people are able to work from home instead of going into the office every day. This can decrease commute times and allow for people to have more time with their family, relaxing and doing things they love. Plus, it decreases the amount of stress that stems from commuting everyday.

However, working from home is not meant for everyone’s personality. Some individuals are self-motivated and are able to work wherever they are, while others need more structure and less distractions.

I spend a lot of time working from home whether its my day job or for Simply Nic Nutrition. I am a very self-motivated person but I am also human and it can be hard to block distractions.

So whether you are able to focus easily or get completely distracted when working from home, I suggest you follow some of these basic steps to keep you on track.


I personally like to have a physical agenda. I have my calendar on the computer where I put in key due dates, meetings, appointments, events but I like to have a physical agenda to write down my daily to-dos. These include anything from calling the dentist to writing a blog post and even brain storming my next big idea.

When I put it down on paper I am more likely to complete it. I am a list checker and there is nothing more satisfying then getting things done.

If you don’t have an agenda, even writing down your to-dos on a sheet of paper is helpful.


Whether its an agenda, piece of paper or an electronic list, its important to set priorities. There are a couple approaches you can take which will depend on your personality type.

If you are someone who procrastinates then I recommend you put those big items at the top of your list and get them done first then focus on the smaller to-do items.

However, if you are like me, you may get overwhelmed by big lists. I work pretty fast and efficiently so I feel better tackling a bunch of the little items at once and then moving on to the bigger items where I feel less distracted and overwhelmed with everything else.


You need to be realistic. When thinking about the work you need to get done in a day, be mindful of what you can accomplish. Or if you have a long list, put a star beside the things that actually need to be accomplished today and know that the other items can be completed tomorrow.


Many people working from home may not have a designated office space and generally end up working at our kitchen table or a desk that is shoved in the corner of another room. If you have the luxury of having a separate space for your work then focus on making that space better by decluttering, cleaning up, making it well lit, adding some plants, etc. Personalize it but don’t overwhelm the space. Make it feel comfortable.

Back on the note of decluttering...this is something that should be done whether or not you have a separate office space. Get rid of old papers and receipts that don’t serve you any purpose. 

Now, if you don’t have a separate room for your workspace, at the very least try to work from a desk or table that is truly designated for work, not for lunch, not for arts and crafts with the family, not for storage. Set up your desk in the corner of a well lit room where it won’t become subject to people dumping their keys, change and other belongings.


Since you are working at home, it may be even be easier to eat at your desk, check Facebook and get distracted. Keep other aspects of your life separate from your workspace. When you are going to eat lunch, then eat it in our kitchen. If you are going to check Facebook, social media or whatever it may be during your break, then step away from your desk to do that.

If you have any other tips or suggestions then comment below!

In good health,


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