Build Your Own Pasta

Who doesn't love a big bowl of warm pasta?! Just because you have started to eat healthier does not mean you have to give up pasta whatsoever. I actually eat pasta quite regularly and find that I actually feel full and energized when I use the right ingredients. 

The first thing to do it get rid of all of your white pasta and even whole wheat. Stick to gluten free pasta such as brown rice pasta, quinoa pasta, etc., which you can now easily find in most grocery stores AND if your budget allows try black bean or chickpea pasta ( that is super high in protein and filling. If you want to take your pasta game to the next level then try making noodles out of vegetables! It is not as crazy as it sounds and it is actually quite simple and delicious. 

Here is how it works:

-Choose 1 pasta base, 1 protein, 1 sauce, 1-3 veggies (or more!), and then top with some other fun ingredients. 

-One you choose your desired ingredients and have cooked/prepared them to your desire then throw them in a bowl and you're good to go. 

Suggested Ingredients:


-Brown rice pasta

-Quinoa pasta

-Chickpea pasta

-Black Bean Pasta

-Soba noodles

Or veggie noodles (cooked or raw)

-Spaghetti squash (always cooked)

-Zucchini noodles

-Cucumber noodles

-Carrot noodles

-Beet noodles

-Sweet potato noodles

-Bell pepper noodles 

*When you are making veggie noodles it is helpful to use a spiralizer. However, if you don't own one you can use a peeler to make "ribbon" noodles.

Fruits and Vegetables: 








-Bell pepper 

-Hot pepper







-Cashew cream cheese

-Vinaigrette (Balsamic, lemon, greek, etc.)




-Coconut Milk





-Tofu or tempeh 

-Beans and legumes 


-Spices and herbs of choice 




-Other "superfoods" (i.e. hempseeds)

-Seaweeds (i.e. arame)

-Nutritional Yeast 

Zucchini Pesto- Serves 1

*see image at the top


-1 zucchini 


-1/2 cup mushrooms sautéed with garlic

-1/2 cup sautéed onion 

-1/4 cup red bell pepper sautéed 

-Sprinkle with hemp seeds

-Fresh basil


-Tofu/Tempeh or chicken

Sauce: Avocado pesto (2 tbsp pine nuts, 1/2 avocado, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp water (or until desired consistency), sea salt and fresh basil to your liking. Blend in a food processor and you're good to go! 


xo nic

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