Build Your Own Toast

The fun thing about toast is that you don't need a lot of skills in the kitchen to make a great meal. Add some avocado or nut butter for the perfect spread, or some left over veggies and chicken for a hearty sandwich! Stick to healthy bread alternatives, homemade sauces and fresh toppings, and you got yourself a nutritious breakfast or sandwich for lunch. 

Toast Guidelines

Start by choosing your "toast", then your spread and any combination of toppings you like - it's that easy!

Suggested ingredients:

Toast Base:

-Ezekial bread

-Sweet potato

-Homemade bread

Spread options:

-Nut or seed (almond butter, hazelnut spread, sunflower spread, etc.)


Additional Toppings:










-Fresh herbs

-Goji berries

-Chia seed

-Bee pollen

-Shredded coconut 

-Raw cacao



-Left over shredded chicken, beef, or pork

Some combinations I like: 

Classic Avocado Toast - Serves 1

-1/2 avocado mixed with 1 tbsp lemon juice, sea salt and pepper to taste


-Sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top

add sprouts

Nut Butter - Serves 1

-Spread nut butter of choice

-Add chunks of Lee From America's Coconut Fat Balls

Sweet Potato Toast - Serves 1

-2 slices of swe potato baked until soft or you can put into the toaster and cook until toasted

-Top with avocado, bacon, and/or egg

-Other options include nut butter and banana slices or fresh berries

Avocado Garlic Pesto Toast - Serves 1

-two slices of bread of choice

-blend the following ingredients into a food processor: 1/2 avocado, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1-2 tbsp of pine nuts and/or walnuts, 1-2 tbsp of fresh basil, 1 clove of garlic

-top with sea salt and pepper


xo nic

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