Build Your Own Granola

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

So its back to school time and you may be wondering what to pack for your kid's lunch, perhaps what to quickly make them for breakfast, or what to give them as a snack when they get home. Granola can be a great snack alternative for kids and can be used in many ways.

Unfortunately, much of the granola available at grocery stores is not the most healthy and may contain additives and processed grains. When you make it yourself, it allows you to know everything that goes into it while also allowing you to add things that your child will actually eat. 

With that being said its a great snack for ALL ages and can be used as a cereal, on top of smoothies, by itself, or on yogurt. 

This Build Your Own edition is a simple one that is meant to help inspire you to try and make more snacks from scratch. There are endless possibilities with granola so if you don't like one batch, or get sick of having a certain flavour, then try a new one! 

Below are a list of main ingredients you need to build the perfect granola. There are really no rules to this one other than to make sure you get getting some healthy fats from nuts and seeds, only using natural sweeteners like honey and pure maple syrup and making sure it doesn't burn ;)

Note: If you are making this for your kid and they have a, or cannot bring, peanuts/nuts to school then substitute with seeds and other crunchy goodies like quinoa. 

Build Your Own Granola 

Step 1:

Start with a base of gluten free rolled oats! The amount you put in is up to you but having about 3 cups is a good start. You may want to add another cup if you want have more granola clumps. 2-3 cups is good for a looser cereal texture. 

Step 2:

Pick your nuts and seeds. Add as many and how much you want. Below are some favourites. 


-brazil nuts



-almonds or almond slivers





-chia seeds

-hemp seeds

-pumpkin seends

-sunflower seeds

-sesame seeds

Step 3:

Pick your added ingredients. These are fun and healthy extras too add more flavour but also more nutrients! Pick as many as you want!


-coconut flakes

-dried fruit

-quinoa (uncooked)



-chilli powder



-sea salt

Step 4:

Pick your sweetener. Honey or pure maple syrup should do the trick. Start with about 1 cup and then add more if needed. You may have to play around with the quantity depending on how many ingredients you added. But don't worry - the granola will taste good regardless and you may just want to tweak it for next time. 

Tip: add about 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil or ghee for added flavour and texture. 

Step 5:

Put it in the oven at 350F. Bake for about 15-20 minutes and stir around half way through. Again, you may need to adjust the time depending on how many ingredients you added. Just make sure it doesn't burn. 

Step 6:

Let cool before storing.

Some Combinations I like:

Toasted Quinoa - great for a morning cereal or yogurt topper

1/2 Uncooked quinoa with 1/2 rolled oats 

Pecans, crushed

Walnuts, crushed 

Slivered almond


Maple syrup 

Dried cranberries


Chocolate Honey Cluster

Rolled oats


Coconut flakes

Cacao nibs or chocolate chips

Almond slivers 

*essentially you want more rolled oats in this one with lots of honey to make the oats form into "clusters"

Seed sensational - a grain-free alternative 

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds 

Hemp seeds

Sesame seeds


*optional: add rolled oats (not grain-free)


xo nic

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