Build Your Own Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday Everyone!

Just like the pizza and pasta, tacos can be healthy too. It's time to embrace taco Tuesday once again!

Like the other Build Your Own recipes, tacos are versatile and can suit different dietary requirements and tastebuds. They are also very fun to make and can be something the whole family can get involved with.

Here is how it works:

Pick your taco base, 1 protein, 1 grain, 1-3 veggies, 1 sauce

Suggested Ingredients: 

Taco shell:

-Corn tortilla

-Rice paper

-Romaine lettuce






*or a combination of more than one


-Brown rice

-Black rice


Fruit and Vegetables:


-Bell pepper

-Hot pepper

-Sweet potato 




-Romaine lettuce 




-Hot sauce

-Cashew cream cheese

*or a combination of more than one


xo Nic

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