Build Your Own Mason Jar Salads

Jar salads have become quite trendy lately and for good reason! Glassware is great for keeping food fresh for longer and is free of toxic chemicals that may make their way into your food. When stacked properly they can also make meal prep a whole lot easier and create more space in your fridge. When you are packing your lunch the next day all you have to do is throw it in your lunch pail and you have a nutrient dense, filling and satisfying lunch ready to go. You can even use this method with other meals that may stay fresher with separated ingredients. 

Just remember to try and be creative. Add some grains to your salad, mix up the protein, and experiment with new salad dressings! Below are some examples to give you some inspiration.

But like I hinted at - there are rules to the game. 

1. Add your dressing to the bottom

-balsamic vinaigrette 


-lemon vinaigrette 


2. Add your crunchy vegetables 


-bell pepper





3. Add the rest of your vegetables/fruit 

-avocado (adding lemon juice helps it from browning)




-sweet potato



-fresh berries

-apple slices (adding lemon juice helps it from browning)



4. Add your grains

-brown rice



-or perhaps pasta if its a pasta salad!


5. Add your protein and dairy




-hard boiled eggs



-black beans

-goat cheese

-nut cheese


6. Add your nuts and seeds

-pumpkin seeds





-hemp seeds

-flax seeds


7. Add your greens 


-Spring mix


-Kale (I recommend massaging it with olive oil first to make it easier to chew)



*Note - 6 and 7 can be changed - Basically make sure the dressing is at the bottom and the greens are kept fresh! 

Greek Inspired Mason Jar Salad

Serves 1


•½ cup cooked chickpeas (or bean of choice)

•½ cup red onion, diced

•½ cup cucumber, diced

•½ cup red bell pepper and/or tomato, diced

•2 cups – lettuce of choice

•2 tablespoons – nut or seed of choice

Dressing – Basic Balsamic:

Makes extra

•4 oz olive oil

•1 oz balsamic

•1 clove garlic crushed

•1 teaspoon honey mustard

•Salt and pepper

Process – mix well


1.Pour dressing into the bottom of the jar

2.Add red pepper or tomato

3.Add red onion

4.Add cucumber

5.Add chickpeas

6.Add nuts/seeds

7.Add lettuce


*Feel free to swap out ingredients and change quantities to suit your preferences!*

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