Sweet Potato Hash Browns

I hope you enjoy this super simple alternative to regular hash browns. What is great is that they can be made vegan and easily customized with different spices and herbs! You can also do this with other veggies like zucchini by draining out the excess liquid first. Comment below to let me know what combinations you end up coming up with. 


-1/2 sweet potato grated or spiralized (grated or peeled may be a suitable alternative however, I have never tried it)

-One egg OR 1/8 cup gluten free flour to make vegan

-1-2 tbsp olive oil 

-sea salt and pepper

-coconut oil or ghee for frying pan

-Optional: 1 clove garlic 

-Other great options: thyme, cumin, chill flakes, onion or fresh basil 


1. Add sweet potato to egg mixture or flour

2. Add garlic and desired spices (if you're making a big batch you can separate the mixture and try a different spice or herb on each hash brown!)

3. Form sweet potato hash browns 

4. Add coconut oil to frying pan and add sweet potato has browns

5. Cook on medium heat and flip when one side gets golden brown


xo Nic

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