Build Your Own Smoothies

Smoothies are a big part of my life because they can act as a meal replacement on the go, post-workout fuel or a snack to power through the rest of my work day. 

Here are some of the main questions and concerns I have heard over the past few years:

But it's green...

I feel like green smoothies get a bad wrap. Yes, there can be some pretty interesting tasting green smoothies. Trust me - I have made my fair share where I had to plug my nose to get it down. Luckily, I have experimented enough to know what does and does not taste good.

You also don't have to make a green smoothie every time. Although I do think green smoothies are great (especially if you are trying to sneak some more veggies into your diet), having frozen and fresh fruits, protein powders, superfoods, and nut butters can be great for you too!

However, when you are incorporating green smoothies into your diet, I suggest that you start with a small amount of mild greens like spinach. Then start to add more, mix in some kale, etc. Eventually, your taste buds will get use to more bitter greens and having less fruit. From personal experience and talking with other green smoothie lovers,  I have found that the more I have them, the more I crave them and the less I crave sugary treats. With that being said everyone is unique and may not have the same experiences but at the very least I suggest you give it a try!

Do I have to drink it everyday?

No. Although, you can, and people experience get various health benefits from doing so, you may find that you like having more variety in your diet. Also, for people who live in colder climates, smoothies may not be as appetizing in the winter months. 

Are they good for all diets?

Not necessarily and the ingredients you choose should be mindful of your health goals and needs. For example, if you follow a low-glycemic diet you should be extra mindful about the amount of fruit you include and the types. 

Smoothie Guidelines

Start by choosing your green base. This can be one leafy green or a mixture. Then choose your liquid base. I suggest blending you liquid and greens first, especially if you don't have a high speed blender. Then add your fruits and veggies and other toppings. However, if you don't want to have a green smoothie, just add some other awesomeness! 

Suggested ingredients:

Green Base - 1-2 cups


-Spring mix




-Collard greens

Liquid base - 1 cup

-Almond milk

-Coconut milk

-Coconut water - great for post-workout


-Cashew milk

Fruits and Vegetables - 1-1.5 cups (just a rough guideline)





-Broccoli stems












-Fresh herbs


-Rolled oats

-Nut or seed butter

-Goji berries

-Hemp seeds oil

-Chia seed

-Bee pollen

-Protein powder

-Shredded coconut 



-Raw cacao

-flax oil


xo Nic

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