Build Your Own Salad

If you don't remember from one of my previous posts, I really like combining different ingredients into a bowl. Some of my best recipe creations have come from using what is left in my fridge, combining the ingredients with some different spices, and hoping for the best. 

Salads are a great way to get in your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and are easy to pack in lunches, have as full dinners or served as a side.

Here is how the Salad Buffet works:

-Choose your base (or mix and match), 1 protein, 1 sauce, 1-3 fruit or veggies, and then top with some other fun ingredients. 

-One you choose your desired ingredients and have cooked/prepared them to your desire then throw them in a bowl and you're good to go. 

Suggested ingredients:



-Spring mix




Or mix and match with:

-Cooked brown rice

-Cooked quinoa 

Fruits and Vegetables: 


-Sweet potato 













-Green beans






-Bell pepper 

-Hot pepper










-AND the list goes on... 



-Cashew cream cheese

-Vinaigrettes (Balsamic, apple, coconut, etc.)



-Hot sauce 



-Coconut Milk




-Tofu or tempeh 

-Beans and legumes 

-Fried or hard boiled egg


-Spices and herbs of choice 




-Fermented foods (i.e. sauerkraut)

-Other "superfoods" (i.e. hemp seeds)

-Seaweeds (i.e. arame)

-Shredded coconut 


xo Nic

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