Time Management & Health

Work is busy. School is busy. Kids are busy. Morning is busy. Night is busy. Life is busy. Do you see where I am going with this? Finding time to exercise, relax, sleep, grocery shop, meal prep, and cook while juggling everything else in your life is HARD – no doubt about it. However, with some simple changes, healthy habits can be slowly integrated into your busy life. It just takes some planning and commitment.

Here are some high level pointers from my "Managing Your Time to Improve Your Health Guide" on the Resources page that might help you grab a hold of life and take control of your health. 


I highly recommend seeking out a personal trainer even just for a couple of session to make sure you know how to do things properly. But, whether its at the gym, outside, in your house or at a community centre, all forms of exercise are good. You might think, I only have 15 minutes today - is it even worth it? Likely it is. Moving when you can and getting a bit of a sweat every day can do wonders to your mind, body and energy levels. Some experts believe there are better times of the day to exercise but don't get hung up on this. Just make sure you block off some time without interruptions. 

If you have kids it may be beneficial to look into a gym that provides childcare. There are also a lot of great options for working out at home. With a yoga mat, your body weight and even some weights, there is a lot you can do. You can also purchase yoga videos that help guide you through the practice from your own living room which is another good option. 

Meal Prepping 

I have mentioned this before that meal prepping can be tedious when you first start out. However, if you block out a chunk of time and make a few, you will start to build a collection which you can reuse. It also helps if  you make a grocery list to determine how much you will need and limit the amount of trips you need to take to the grocery store. This also helps prevent food waste and save you money! 

Me Time 

No matter how busy life gets make sure you take the time to do the things YOU love and to find time to care for your mind and body. Whether this is reading alone, exercising, or creating it's important not to lose sight of the things that matter to you and make you happy. 

Setting a Schedule 

Exercising, meal prepping, grocery shopping, resting and me time are all things that sound be a part of your life. Make yourself accountable by putting them right into your daily schedule and so that the rest of your family understands when these activities will be taking place. 

These are all fairly easy changes that you can make but it just takes some planning and commitment. Once you get use to your new routine it will become easier and the healthy meals you are planning and making, and the time you are taking for yourself and for exercising, will give you more energy!

What are some of your time management strategies to keep a healthy and active life?

Enjoy your week!

xo Nic

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