Prepping For Success

In a recent post I talked about setting goals and staying accountable but in order to achieve those great goals you set out, you made need help and that is OK!

Most of us have a hard time asking for help even though there is likely so many people ready to help and other resources you can draw upon.

Unfortunately, there are many nutrition professionals who don't provide their clients with the actual skills and tools they need to help reach their goals and follow a nutrition protocol/plan or even menu plan. Sure menu plans are great and I have found them to be super helpful for clients but they need to know how to make their own once we have stopped working together.

This post three of my go-to tips to get you on track and feeling confident in the kitchen!

Menu Plan

This is where it all begins. Print off a menu planning template and fill it out with healthy recipes. Write out all the ingredients with quantities you need to make all the recipes for the week.

I encourage you to do this for a whole month while you are in the workflow so that you are good for a few weeks.

Tip: have leftovers for lunch to save time!

Meal Prep

You may be sick of hearing me or other health professionals talking about meal prep but it can be a serious game changer! Now before you roll your eyes, let me explain one thing Meal prep does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Besides, the point it for you to save time, not waste it.

For starters pick a day where you can grab groceries and do some prep. That way when you get home you can wash your fruits and veggies, cook a couple grains, pre-cut some veggies and roast some veggies while you are unpacking and getting organized.

If that is all the prep you want to do for the week that is already a huge step!

Yes you can prep your lunches for the week and snacks which is also great if you have the time but one of the key tips I tell people is to make more for dinner so they have leftovers for lunch!

Batch Cook

Things is almost the same as meal prep but its a bit more specific. Here are some ways you can batch cook:

1. make all your snacks for the week (i.e. energy balls, hummus, chia pudding)

2. make slow cooker freezer bag meals

3. make mason jar salads

4. roast all your veggies for the next few days

5. make all the grains you need for the next few days

6. cook some proteins for the next few days

7. make a big batch of slow cooker soup, stew or chili


Enter self-care, meal prep, workouts into your calendar. You are more likely to stick to them when they are written down and visible.

If you are ready to make these changes and want to take your health to the next level, be sure to check out my 12 Week Online Group Coaching Program which is running from September 18th to December 4th.

This program includes both personalized one-on-one coaching and 6 live group coaching calls. You ready?! Head to the link below to learn more and sign up and don't hesitate to email to set up a free call to ask questions.

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