Our Special Day

Updated: Feb 5

As many of you know, my HUSBAND (so weird to say still!) and I got married this past summer. It truly was the best day and we couldn't have asked for better weather and for everything to go more smoothly.

For those of you who are interested and want to learn a bit more about the behind the scenes and leading up to it, and even learn about my experience with expectations, health, and stress revolving around this day, then here it all is!

Before I get any further you need to know about my AMAZING wedding photographer. Her name is Katie Silva and she is the owner of Katie Marie Photography. All the photos in this post were done by her and are not to be shared or reposted anywhere.

You can also find her on instagram at @katiemariephotography_

Leading Up to the Big Day

So to say my mom are expert planners, is definitely true. The entire time we thought "what are we doing wrong" because the planning and prep was pretty easy and everyone always made it seem so difficult.

When people asked if I was stressed, I said no and I think they thought I was lying. Sure a couple things stressed me out but it was typically pretty short-term and not that big of a deal.

Even the morning of, I was in my sweats and walking outside barefoot getting the rest of the decor and wildflowers out. I didn't have to get ready until closer to 11:00 am so I sure as hell wasn't going to sit around all morning. Anyone that knows me, would not be surprised. Plus I was actually enjoying myself so it wasn't a chore by any means.

Just remember that IT WILL come together, even if you don't have a wedding planner like me, do things the way YOU want (you don't have to follow tradition), and take a deep breath!

Health, Wellness, Self-Care

For those of you who know my health story, you may be wondering if I indulged at all during the day, leading up to it, etc. I sure did! I didn't go overboard because I wanted to make it through the ceremony without feeling gassy and fatigued haha but once the ceremony was over I enjoyed some vodka sodas, cake balls, tacos AND PIZZA!! Not only that but I successfully stayed up way past my bedtime which I believe deserves some serious recognition.

I definitely don't regret doing that but let's just say I wasn't feeling so great for the next few days. I will leave that up to the imagination.

If you are in a similar position, do what's right for you. I indulged for sure and suffered the consequences but I was pretty smart about it and didn't go overboard and tried to hold out until closer to the ceremony to ensure also enjoyed the rest of the day.

My VW Van dreams come true

Making Our Day Unique

We were super fortunate that my parents let us have the wedding on their property which added a special element. To make our day a little bit more unique we:

  • used antique crown jars my mom had been collecting for YEARS

  • misc antiques that were passed on from relatives or that my mom and I had collected ourselves (we have a bit of a problem)

  • my one brother built the one arch for behind the head able

  • my other brother brought hop vines from their farm for both of our arches

  • my mom cut out wildflowers from the ditch near our house for centre pieces since the ones we planted were growing behind schedule

  • my dad built a bar out of my grandpa's old wine barrels

  • we had my one friend do a floral arrangement for the arch

  • another friend do the calligraphy for a couple signs

  • my dad, uncle and one cousin did fireworks since it was the long weekend

  • a custom taco bar for dinner

  • having the VW Van drive us around which only my parents, one of my brothers and one of my bridesmaids knew about. Even Brendan didn't know!

  • photos and first look at my family's farm

  • and probably a bunch of other details I am forgetting

Fun memories:

  • my brothers hanging around during Brendan and I's first look and bringing us drinks, grabbing my bouquet, etc

  • Brendan stepping on my dress during our first dance. Everyone got a good laugh out of that

  • Rolling up to the ceremony in the VW Van blasting music

  • Having time to kill before the ceremony and enjoying some drinks with the wedding party

  • Brendan's life size cutout making an appearance

  • Seeing all my family and friends of course

  • and a million more I won't bore you with ;)


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