My Thoughts on Wedding Diets

Let me start off by saying that I will not be going on a diet before my wedding and its not something I would recommend? Why is that?

1. I simply don't have time to think about that! And I know that goes for everyone else.

2. Diet culture is dangerous, creates unrealistic expectations and can cause people to restrict their diet too much. It could be quite difficult, mentally and physically, if you don't lose any weight or end up gaining weight.

3. Your wedding day is not about how you physically look. Ok, I get it, I want to great on that day but within reason. The day is about myself and my partner and celebrating with friends and family.

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4. It can create negative memories. Why would you want to look back on your wedding day or the days leading up to it and thinking about how hungry, tired or unhappy you were.

5. And finally, if you don't keep up with what you were doing before your wedding, it can lead to increased weight gain afterwards.

What I do recommend:

Making sure you do feel good on your big day by eating well balanced meals, eating whole foods, exercising (not over exercising though), and taking time to yourself.

Perhaps, getting engaged just happened to be a realization that there are things you can do to improve your health and thats totally fine! Just make sure it's about YOU getting HEALTHY!

In good health,

xo Nic

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