Making the most out of winter

I am going to be honest...I VERY much dislike winter and am usually the first to start complaining about the cold and scrapping ice off my car.

For me, the summer is where it's at. I love the fall too but as soon as it starts getting close to zero I'M OUT!

So instead of being a negative Nancy this winter season, I decided to create some simple tricks to make things a little bit more tolerable because as much as I would love to be a snowbird at the ripe age of 27, I don't think that is the most realistic plan of action.

So, here are some of the things I have and am going to try this winter to make it more enjoyable.

1. First things first. Stay warm. I am a true Capricorn who doesn't like to spend money but also hates wasting money on low quality items. So instead of waiting for the Spring coat sales for the fifth year in a row, I finally pulled trigger on a quality winter coat that is long and well insulated. I know not everyone may be in the position to do this but if you can, stop overthinking it and just invest in something that will keep you warm and happy, even if it looks like you are wearing a sleeping bag.

2. Never drive. Just kidding, but I am setting an alarm now so that I give myself time to start my car to let it heat up and make it easier to scrape the ice off. I legit couldn't leave my house a few times last year because I couldn't scrape the ice off. But truthfully, it was my fault for also not giving myself enough time...

3. Invest in a "happy lamp". There are a few names for these but essentially it's a lamp/alarm clock that mimics the sun rising to help you wake up easier when it's dark in the morning. I ordered one off of amazon and it's great for when I have to wake up around like 6:00-6:30 am

4. Get out of the house! I know it's easy to stay curled up inside (which is also my next tip) but it's important to get moving (if it's safe to), and go do things. Go to a coffee shop, go out for dinner, go see a movie, go visit a friend, go for walk, etc.

5. Although I just told you to get the heck out of your house, I also think it's important to create a warm and cozy space in your home during the winter so, when you come home from being out and about, you have a relaxing place to curl up and drink some tea.

6. Stay motivated. Again, the winter weather can be an excuse NOT to do things, so it might take some extra thought and effort to stay motivated. Get an accountability partner to help motivate you to stay active and try to create a consistent routine.

7. Embrace comforting yet healthy foods like homemade chili, soups, stews, grain bowls, etc.

Let me know what you do to stay happy, healthy and energized during the cold winter months in the comments section below!

In good health,


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