Keeping New Years Resolutions

Ok so we are now into 2019 and you might be looking back on the New Years Resolutions you set out in late 2018.

Perhaps you had go to the gym or drink green smoothies every day? Perhaps you had a weight loss goal that you haven't reached yet. Whatever it may be, New Years Resolutions are tough!

Think about it, we just finished a super hectic, stressful, and unhealthy few weeks during the holidays and now we are expected to get a six pack and drink greens for a week straight.

My favourite times to set goals are actually at the beginning of spring and the beginning of September/October. If you are someone who likes to or has already set goals for the 2019 year, then let's work together to actually help you reach those goals. Here are some tips.


Don't feel defeated if you haven't reached your goals yet or "fell off the wagon"


Sit down and ask yourself why it is you want to achieve goal x, y, z


Revaluate how realistic your goals are. You want to challenge yourself but at the same time set goals you can realistically achieve. If you need to redo your goals, there is no problem in doing that. It's better to recognize that now then 6 months down the road.


Revaluate your goals monthly or weekly.


Keep a journal of some sort or a log to track how your feeling, accomplishments, challenges, etc.


Get a buddy to help keep you accountable or someone to go to the gym with or meal prep with

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