Journal Prompts to Start and End Your Day


one thing I am looking forward to today:

how do I want to show up today?

how do I want to feel today?

3 things I am grateful for?


one amazing thing that happened today?

one thing/moment where I could have reacted differently?

what drained my energy? (physically, mentally, emotionally)

what gave me energy?


what are the things that make me the most happy?

what holds me back from this happiness?

what are things I could change on my calendar to 1. be more productive 2. do more of what I enjoy?

what are my fears?

what is getting in the way of overcoming these fears?

what are my nonnegotiables? (family time? self-care? healthy eating?)

are there relationships that I need to let go of? people who bring me down emotionally and energetically?

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In good health,


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