January Reset Challenge

So you might be thinking of your New Years resolutions and that is completely fine. There is nothing wrong about wanting to better yourself!

The problem is that many of us, myself includes, set unrealistic goals that we can't achieve and then we end up feeling badly about ourselves when we don't reach them.

Instead of following some fad diet or exercise regime, I decided to create a 6 week challenge starting on January 1st (or the 2nd if you partied a little too hard), that includes one new challenge a week. No challenges about dieting or going to the gym 7 days a week. Just simple habits to incorporate into your life whether its long term or short term.

If you want to join along with me, you can go my Resources page and download the guide for free or click here! I will also be posting on instagram stories about each challenge and what I am doing to accomplish each one!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #simplynicnutrition and #januaryresetchallenge so I can follow along on instagram and facebook!

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