Immune System Support

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

It's that time of the year when our immune system might take a bit of a hit. Although its important to support your immune system all year long, I wanted to share some quick tips to get you through the winter months!

Let's break it down first.

What exactly causes stress to our immune system? Well its not just cold and flues but also sugar, food sensitivities, allergies, smoking, alcohol, molds and fungus.

And how do we know if our immune system is stressed? You may experience allergies, fatigue, eczema, reoccurring infections, digestive issues like dysbiosis, etc.

So how to we ensure that we support our bodies and immune system? Consider the following:


-whole foods diet with adequate protein, fats and healthy carbohydrates

-avoiding stimulants like sugar, coffee, tea as well as alcohol

-eating supportive foods like garlic and onion- yum!

-drinking lots of water

-stress management

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-improve circulation

-avoid stressors listed above

-eat antioxidant rich foods

-and supplementation to SUPPLEMENT your diet NOT replace

  • immune builders and boosters

  • vitamin C

  • probiotic or probiotic rich foods

  • essential fatty acids

  • any many more!

In good health,


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