Health Tips for Busy People

Even as a nutritionist, it can be hard to stay healthy with the busyness of life. Many people are working and/or going to school, commuting, raising families, trying to socialize with friends, volunteer, run a household, etc. One of the first things that typically gets pushed to the side is our personal health. Below are some health tips for busy people to promote healthy eating and general wellness. 


Use a menu planning service


Order your groceries online or use a click and pick service.


Invest in a good reusable water bottle. Bring it with you everywhere. set reminders to drink water if you need to.


Schedule workouts into your calendar.


Be accountable by getting your family or friends on the same page.


Meal prep. Schedule a couple hours when you have free time to prep full meals or do light prepping like cutting and washing veggies.


Sleep. You aren't going to be productive during the day anyways if you're tired.


Stand. If you are sitting at a desk all day and/or don't have time to work out one day, look into getting a standing desk, take breaks and walk away from your computer, take the stairs or go on walking meetings. 


Organize. Know what meals you are going to make each day and write them out if you need to. Lay out gym clothes and running shoes to keep you motivated. Pack your lunch at night so its ready to go in the morning. 


Workout more efficiently. If you're running short on time one day then trying doing some stretching in the morning, doing a quick HIIT workout, or walking/biking to work.

In good health,


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