How to stay accountable so that you can crush your goals

Setting goals is one thing but actually following through is a whole other story. One of the reasons I like to talk about goal setting so much is because I find that clients are much more successful when they have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and WHY!

With that being said, making changes can be hard especially when your goals are tied to healthy eating, healthy lifestyle habits, mindfulness, exercise, etc.

So how do you stay accountable?

1. Write out your goals. No, not in a google doc which you will forget about but on an actual piece of paper! You are much more likely to achieve your goals when they are written out

2. Follow the S.M.A.R.T. goals outline making sure those goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. For example, don't just make your goal "I want to drink more water" It should be something more like "I want to get to drinking 3L of water a day by the end of next week to help with my digestion and energy"

3. Track your progress as often as you think you need. Daily, weekly, monthly. It may be helpful to have a journal dedicated to your progress and set reminders every week or so, so that you don't forget.

4. Sometimes people find it helpful to put a sticky note on their bathroom mirror as a reminder in the morning especially if they are trying to build a habit which generally takes a good 90 days.

5. Find a buddy that will help keep you accountable. You don't want someone who is going to judge you or bully you, if you don't reach your goal in your original timeline or if you have a bad day but someone who really has your best interest at heart. You can even find someone who also has a goal(s) set so that you can also help keep them accountable!

Now you can use a coworker, friend, partner, family member or coach to help keep you accountable. Once I give clients their protocol and recommendations, I make sure I am checking in with them regularly. Not everyday but just messages every few days to make sure they know they can ask questions or that we can hop on a quick call if they need the support.

Just remember, YOU GOT THIS, and not everyday is going to be perfect. When you have a bad day just remember that you can always start fresh tomorrow!

In good health,


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