How I Organize My Pantry

Before you scroll down and think I am a crazy person, let me just point out that I am a crazy person. I mean, I literally had my friend create hand lettered labels for my spices and jars. But how CUTE are they?!

To have an organized pantry, you do not have to go overboard like me, but if you do, I also support you.

For those of you who get less excited about pantry organization but still want to get things in order to help you eat healthier, then here are some key tips:

1. Use glass mason jars for storage of bulk goods. These are great because they are low cost, easy to clean, keep things fresh, are plastic free, and are clear so you can see whats inside. I recommend using jars for items such as nuts, seeds, grains, nutritional yeast, powders, flours, baking ingredients, etc. You don't have to label them but I do find it helpful, particularly for flours which all look the same to me. It's also a good idea to get some masking tape and write down the date you bought it or its best before date so you can track its freshness.

2. Keep things separate. Create sections for:

  • baking ingredients

  • spices and herbs

  • treats

  • packaged foods

  • bulk items like nuts, seeds, grains

  • protein powders, superfood powders, etc.

  • tea and coffee ingredients

  • snacks

  • canned goods

  • and misc

3. Get rid of expired and unhealthy foods that are taking up too much room or at least put the healthy stuff higher up and out of sight. This will help motivate you to grab the goods stuff.

4. If you have a kitchen where you kitchen appliances, gadgets, and good overlap then make sure you have small appliances like blenders on the counter or make them easily accessible to encourage you to use them. Larger items like crockpots should be relatively easy to get to. Other appliances like the panini press may not deserve a whole shelf or cupboard ;)

5. And like I tell people all the time, get rid of those extra dishes and random kitchen gadgets you never use and know you will never use.

A HUGE shoutout goes to my friend Laura Vergara who did all the hand lettering. Check out her amazing work on instagram @laurav_designs

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In good health!


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