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Although sweet potatoes are seen as the healthy alternative to white potatoes both white and sweet potatoes can play a role in a healthy diet.

White potatoes contain high amounts of potassium and manganese although I would suggest sweet potatoes over white potatoes for individuals who have diabetes due to their higher glycemic level.

Although I like having white potatoes from time to time, sweet potatoes are definitely my favourite. They contain 438% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A which supports eye health, they also contain high levels of vitamin C, manganese, and other key nutrients. They are also better at stabilizing blood sugar levels and contain important antioxidants

Another great bonus is that both white and sweet potatoes are available all year round in Ontario!

Download the FREE Sweet Potato Nachos recipe here!

How do you prepare them?

-bake smaller potatoes in a roasting pan

-bake both potatoes and make them into healthy loaded potatoes with beans, dairy-free cheese, corn, mushrooms, and spices

-cut into chunks and bake with olive oil, garlic and rosemary

-mash and enjoy on their own with ghee instead of butter or add to a shepherds pie

-grill on the BBQ

-add to soups or chilis

-hash browns

-and use sweet potatoes in brownie recipes - seriously! Look it up

Need some inspiration? Check out my Spiralized Sweet Potato Egg Skillet recipe!

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