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Onions may seem like one of those boring vegetables you throw in any dish to add some flavour, but they are actually quite a powerful vegetable!

Onions contain:

-vitamin C

-vitamin B6

-and manganese among other nutrients

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They have been shown to support heart health and lower blood pressure, are anti-inflammatory supporting bone health and they also contains sulfur compounds which have been seen to protect again cancer.

Red onions however do contain more antioxidants where as yellow onions contain more quercetin. Each have important nutrients and can play a key role in a healthy diet

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How should you prepare them?

-sauté and add to pastas, stir frys

-add raw to salad

-add green onion to potatoes

-add to soup stock

-grill on a BBQ

-burger and sandwich toppings

When to find them:

-Regular onions can be enjoyed all year round

-green onions from June to November and;

-red onions from August to April.

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