Highlight on Garlic & Free Garlic and Herb Quinoa Recipe

Garlic is truly a "superfood". Not only does it add amazing flavour to dishes (and garlic breath!), it also provides many health benefits!

Although it doesn't contain a high level of vitamins and minerals, it contains other compounds that make it healthy.

Those key nutrients are:


-amino acids



-and more!

It has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels, support immune and heart health!

Download this FREE Garlic and Herb Quinoa Recipe here! Perfect as a side or base to a main dish.

How to use it:

In soups

Baking fish, chicken or vegetables

Pasta sauces

Salad dressing

Garlic toast

You can get it in Ontario from July to February!

Need some inspiration? Check out my Salmon Salad recipe!

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