Highlight on Celery and Cucumber & Cream of Celery & Asparagus Soup Recipe

I decided to combine these two because I personally use them interchangeably. There are many benefits and ways to use these two refreshing vegetables

They also have similar nutrient profiles with both containing high levels of vitamin K.

Download the FREE Cream of Celery & Asparagus Soup recipe here!

These low calorie vegetables are hydrating and support:




-cardiovascular health

They can also support weight loss and healthy skin.

Celery is available in Ontario from July to October whereas cucumbers are available all year long since they can be grown in greenhouses.

How should you prepare them?

-raw in slices with nut or seeds butters

-raw in slices with hummus

-raw in juices and smoothies

-raw in salads

-in soups

-celery in stir frys

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