Highlight on Cauliflower & Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Recipe

Cauliflower is a great versatile vegetable. No more boiled or steamed cauliflower for dinner. There are now fun and delicious recipes where you can use it as a rice substitute or even as a pizza crust!

Download a FREE Buffalo Cauliflower Wings Recipe here!

This cruciferous vegetable contains high levels of:

-vitamin C

-vitamin K


-vitamin B6

and many more important nutrients and carotenoids

Eating cauliflower has been linked to supporting digestion, eye, hormone, heart, brain and immune health while also decreasing inflammation.

How should you prepare it? Research recipes such as:

-cauliflower steak

-cauliflower tacos (check out my recipe below)

-cauliflower pizza crust

-bake/roasted cauliflower

-cauliflower rice

And its available in Ontario from June to November!

Need some inspiration? Check out my Cauliflower Taco recipe!

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