Highlight on Carrots & Mini Carrot Cakes Recipe!

You don't have to feel like a rabbit when you are eating carrots. This sweet vegetable makes the perfect snack on-the-go but also adds bulk to main dishes. Plus, they are almost available all year long in Ontario!

Carrots contain high levels of:

-vitamin A

-vitamin K

-vitamin C

-Carrots also contain antioxidants such as beta-carotene

It's the high level of vitamin A that give carrots its reputation for supporting eye health. They may also support liver, brain, heart and immune health.

Download the free Mini Carrot Cakes recipe here!

How to use them:

-in soups and stews

-raw with hummus

-cut up into salads

-shredded into oats

-into baked goods

-as a holiday side dish


-baked with spices, herbs and oils

Need some inspiration? Check out my Overnight Carrot Oats recipe!

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