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Full disclaimer, I know beets are not the tastiest vegetable thats ever existed but I promise there are ways to prepare it to make it better. Some people actually like the bitter taste of beets, so if thats you, you're lucky!

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Beets are colour and nutrient dense vegetable. This low calorie vegetable contains high levels of folate, manganese, and potassium.

Many studies and health claims suggest that beets support digestion, weight loss, support brain and heart health, and reduce inflammation. If you haven't noticed already, they are often used in juice recipes and cleanses due to their detoxification properties.

So how should you cook them?

-you can buy them pickled and add them to salads

-you can buy them whole, peel them, and steam or bake them

-you can also add them raw to juices (my favourite way to eat them

-you can even add them to lattes to give them a fun pink colour (see recipe link below)

But be warned. Beets are messy and I highly recommend you wear an apron and gloves when you prepare them. There have been too many shirts I have ruined because of beets or days I have shown up to work with pink stained fingers!

Need some inspiration? Check out my Beetroot Latte recipe!

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